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Dancing with Death

The Illusion of Youth

By Harmony KentPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Dancing with Death
Photo by Vinicius Marques on Unsplash

Dancing with death, clueless

Insensitive to elder’s earned wisdom

Senses fooled and filled yet craving more

Tremendous energy and confidence

Round and round we dance and chance

Actions invite disaster while we’re unaware

Conscious of naught but fun and excitement

Too young to see the illusion of the

Immortality of youth

Over and over we take risks, unaware it’s

Never certain we’ll reach old age

[Author’s Note: As I’ve aged, it’s become ever more evident how much more cautious we become, compared to the first flush of freedom as a young adult. I hope you enjoyed this take, which is a response to Vocal’s Acrostic challenge based on the word, DISTRACTION.]

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  • Donna Fox (HKB)10 months ago

    Harmony, I appreciate the insights and memories this poem brought to light for me. I can't even imagine doing half of the things I did in my teens or even in my early twenties. Funny what "elders earned wisdom" gets us. Beautiful acrostic, I loved the flow and mood of it!

  • Donna Renee10 months ago

    Absolutely!! I think back to the things I was happy to try in my teens and twenties lol…. Yikes! 🫣

  • Sarah Stuart10 months ago

    I understand you too well, Harmony. Beautifully expressed.

  • Yvette M Calleiro10 months ago

    That was fabulous, Harmony! You captured the essence of youth perfectly! Yvette M Calleiro :-)

  • Robbie Cheadle10 months ago

    Hi Harmony, a lovely poem. You have captured the inexperience of youth and the changes in our attitudes as we become more learned in the ways of the world.

  • Staci Troilo10 months ago

    I'm feeling every second of my age today. And many years borrowed from others. Nice take on the topic, Harmony.

  • Jan Sikes10 months ago

    This is brilliant, Harmony. You lend great insight into the plight of aging vs. the folly of youth.

  • Beem Weeks10 months ago

    These few lines speak volumes, Harmony.

  • Gwen Plano10 months ago

    You've captured it well, Harmony. There's a fearlessness to you that fades as we suffer the hurdles. ❤️

  • Caroline Craven10 months ago

    This is so true! You feel invincible when you’re young. Great take on the challenge.

  • Actions invite disaster while we're unaware. That is sooo true! Loved your poem!

  • Dana Stewart10 months ago

    I very much enjoyed reading this. We definitely feel bulletproof when we are young. You expressed this wonderfully!

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