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Dancing in the Wind

by Mari Rodriguez 3 months ago in nature poetry
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Mother Nature's True Form

Dancing in the Wind
Photo by Kai Dörner on Unsplash

A beautiful Oaktree

standing tall at the end of the garden.

The whispers of the wind

traveling through her bright red hair,

climbing up to my ears,

saying nothing except for

“Come a little closer and dance with me.”

My legs begin to inch towards her.

The crunches of her mother’s fallen leaves

and the snaps of her father's brittle branches

beneath my feet grow louder and louder.

I begin to run.

My breath becomes one

with the cold and husk wind.

Closer and closer I get to be with her.

Finally, I stop.

My surroundings become nothing but a speck of dust

in this endless void of a garden,

for only the Oaktree's beauty can catch my attention.

I grasp her hazelnut bark within my palms.

The wind begins to wrap around my body

and pulls me into her.

We sway in unison under the sunkissed sky,

feeling nothing but mother nature's embrace

on this wonderful autumn eve.

nature poetry

About the author

Mari Rodriguez

Just a person with some vibrant thoughts, passionate words, and a reliable computer.

- Mari (Luna)

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