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By Ray RizwanPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

In the realm of graceful motions,

Where rhythm springs from emotions,

There's a dance, a divine expression,

Where hearts find solace in pure succession.

With every step, a story unfurls,

In swirling pirouettes and twirls,

Bodies entwined in harmonious delight,

Transcending barriers, taking flight.

Feet glide upon the polished floor,

To music's tune, forevermore,

The language spoken without words,

In the realm where souls are heard.

In gentle sway or fiery leap,

The dancers their secrets keep,

Through flowing gowns and tuxedo's grace,

A symphony of movement takes its place.

A waltz, a tango, a ballet's embrace,

Each style carries its own unique trace,

From ballrooms grand to streets so bare,

Dancing is a language we all can share.

In joyous celebrations and quiet retreats,

Dancing brings us closer, never to compete,

It binds us together, hand in hand,

United by the rhythms that we understand.

With every beat, a heart takes flight,

In the darkest hours, it shines so bright,

Through sorrow's grip or love's sweet spell,

Dancing whispers the stories we can tell.

So let us sway in the moonlit night,

Underneath stars' soft shimmering light,

For in this dance, we find our release,

A moment to forget, to find inner peace.

Let our bodies be the vessels of expression,

Through the art of movement, find our confession,

For in the realm of graceful motions,

We discover the magic of life's devotions.

Dancing, the language that knows no bounds,

Uniting souls, erasing all frowns,

So let us dance, forevermore,

In this eternal symphony, let our spirits soar.

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  • Adeel Arif6 months ago

    like this story

  • Adeel Arif6 months ago

    good story

  • Adeel Arif6 months ago

    plz upload some good stories

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