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Daisy Chains

by Kathryn Milewski about a year ago in art

An artsy poem inspired by artwork.

Author's Note: Thought I'd make this poem more on the artsy-fartsy side since it is inspired by the details in Amber's artwork, specifically the flower the woman in the piece reaches for. Although the only downside to using images to create your poem instead of actual words is that Vocal will reject your poem because it doesn't meet the word count. That's why I've got this handy-dandy author's note! :) Fun fact: a man near Central Park once improvised a poem for me on his typewriter. I still have it hanging on my cork board. That's another simple pleasure I've experienced. I'm recommending SKYLERIZED's poem, "Sage" for this challenge. It totally belongs in a poetry book/collection. And it's also about plants. Toodaloo. -Katy


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