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A Poem for a Friend


(This is a poem I wrote for a friend)

Daddy daddy I wish you knew

With all the pain I still love you

Here's my story I would like to share

Living proof that life's not fair

I was young about 10 or so

When you chose the road not to go

You had a choice but decided to choose

A life alone with drugs and booze

How could you leave, just disappear

Vanish, gone, and just leave me here?

I sat alone and cried all night

Praying to God to make things right

Here I stand with your brown eyes

The ones you looked into and told your lies

Over the years the lies unfold

and there lied the truth you never told

Seventeen and here I am, I take a step back and look

I see that little girl and her whole world you so very easily shook

I stand strong and close the door you painfully slammed in my face

But even with the hurt you caused, Daddy, no one can take your place

sad poetry
Halie Steider
Halie Steider
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Halie Steider

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