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Every ending, leads you to another beginning.

By Fjona AziriPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

As the sun falls down the sky,

memories fade, so do I.

It ends well for me and you,

I'm happy here, the sky still blue.

What it feels like home so far,

it is far from what I'm taught.

It is good for what I trust,

showing up, before I'm dust.

As new moon rises up,

I'll be here to cheer you up.

What a food to feed your soul,

being happy, all I want.

Things have changed, so will I do.

If nothing stays, I'm leaving too.

If left means there's no love between,

then hate means love for it's the same.

My soul is here for when you need,

even after my breath will leave.

Don't close your eyes, to feel the hurt.

Cause pain won't stop, long after burst.

Make yourself priority, I made mine that,

that's why I'll leave.

If presence means, then absence feels.

if there are lies, the truth you'll steal.

As the sun will rise again, I will try to heal at end.

If won't work, it's no big deal,

when feeling pain, I'll know I'm real.

Not all loves are romantic, sometimes the deepest connections are felt between friends. Some present and some left behind the memories, fading away in the past you left behind, from long ago...

sad poetry

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