Cyanide Love

A poem about toxic love.

Cyanide Love

Lover—I fear I have no love left for you.

Our love has mutated into a toxic liaison

that my soul aches to break free.

The distance between us—a suffocating freedom–

has borne insecurity into our lives

that twists meanings and poisons trust

like the cunning serpent in the Garden of Eden.

You play the role of the gentle tyrant,

by holding me hostage with promises that

appeal only to the false truths about myself

I somehow cannot release.

Now I’m a bitch and a fake,

making equivocal promises

that come from my head and not my heart.

Lover, is the end of this demoralizing love affair only incipient to me?

When will you wake and see,

our love as the hideous curse it has come to be.

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Tiffany "Texas Wine Woman" Proske
Tiffany "Texas Wine Woman" Proske
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Tiffany "Texas Wine Woman" Proske

Wine enthusiast and storyteller. It is through my love affair with wine that I found my inspiration and voice. I am crafting my first fiction novel in addition to penning articles about my adventures exploring the Texas Wine Region.

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