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Curse of Eurydice

by Barb Dukeman 2 months ago in fact or fiction

A Sonnet Tryptich

I. Descent

Descent into the depths of sorrow borne

Upon the innocent Persephone

Her struggle into darkness, full forlorn,

The sadness of her deep resounding plea.

Beside the blackened ashes down she fell

Into the arms of Hades, strong and cold

She looked into her future citadel,

And wept her bitter tears in fears untold.

Persephone, the queen of mortals cursed,

Remembers well departing souls in pain

With unforgiving eyes she finds the first-

The wife of Orpheus, her newest gain.

As death approaches, Hades looks to win

Another heart from castigated sin.

II. Search

Eurydice, her wedding day destroyed,

In isolation teeming in the dark

She hears a sound – like music – in the void

Sweet Orpheus approaches toward his mark.

His voice and lyre charmed the Loyal Beast

Fierce Cerberus lay calm, his eyes dark pearls.

Impressed by mankind’s passion – lasting peace –

In tears the peers of Hades’ underworld.

Without a cause or vanity denied

From Hades, mercy flowed to Orpheus

To let his wife and love ascend with pride

As long as never he should lose his trust.

Persephone awaited suffering’s end

But could not from her ceaseless spirit lend.

III. Ascent

From out of darkness seek we to ascend

To join Eurydice along her way –

Such boundless joy and living without end

To see the shining stars and brilliant day.

Apollo’s daughter longing for the sun

As nearer to the portal both they climbed

From Music whence she came and, now undone,

Her Orpheus would lose his love, his rhyme.

Forever gone, her lover up thereof;

Or so Eurydice believed this lie

Until her Orpheus – her earthbound love –

The Maenads carved his infinite good-bye.

Her love secured, so smiled Eurydice,

And blindly cursed the living ecstasy.

fact or fiction

Barb Dukeman

Ready for a new direction after 32 years of teaching high school English. I wrote my first poem about green socks in 1977; I hope I've improved since then.

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Barb Dukeman
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