A poem I wrote some years back. I thought I'd publish this piece for someone to enjoy.


You must truly forgive this place

Though it’s not worth it

Every cinch of this maladjusted realm




Never forget yourself

For you know what you did

My guts are stinking

My heart is sinking

My thoughts are spinning

Total compelled hatred

Of those who feed lies

It’s on the TV

The fucking media

Distorting the World

This place full of beauty

And love

Blown up

And burnt

And we watch it on the internet

And TV


For you know what you did

You worthless piece of dung

Attributing to everything that is wrong

Only the lord

The queen

The whatever

The Universe

Knows that we cursed ourselves

The curse of hate

So forgive

Don’t let it spread

In your brain

Your mind

Your soul

performance poetry
Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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