Crystal Eyes


Crystal Eyes

Those eyes, yeah they hide poetry

They're more than just beautiful

They're more than just blue

They're more than the ocean and they speak the truth

The moment I looked at you and I knew

Those are going to consume...

Consume my mind, consume my heart

I knew that they could change my life

Oh, I can drown in those ocean eyes

They're more than just gardens

That are filled with flowers

They're deeper than meaning of a broken soul

They've seen pain and they've seen loss

They still survived and so much more

There's to come for them to see

Love, happiness, eternity

I see a lot in them, y'know..

At first they show pride

At first they show ignorance

And how much I'll try to ignore

That now when I look in them all I can see

A heart filled with love

And selfless intentions

Hell, I see future in them

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