by Rosa Carol 2 years ago in sad poetry

I stand...


At the Crossroads of heaven and hell

The sulfuric ashes awaken my smell

Torn between roads of destiny untold

Scars openly show the wars of my soul

I ask for a sign to awaken the spirits

For guidance, comfort, divine interference

The silence is deafening, no whispers from heaven

I fall to my knees and scream out my presence

Defeated, abandon, torched, alone

The only thing left is the pain that I hold

Blinded by hate, disappointed by life

With no other option, I pick up the knife

Held to the wrists that keep life in my hands

These same wrists I cut, bring it all to an end

Life releases its grip, no shame, no regrets

I fall into peace, I forgive to forget

sad poetry
Rosa Carol
Rosa Carol
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Rosa Carol
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