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By Lucy Dan (she/her/她)Published 2 years ago 1 min read
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where there is


I hide in my shell.

I protect,

am afraid.

I think instinctively,

there are 2 reasons.

I am afraid

that criticism now

is just like the criticism in the past,

associated with physical danger.

I am tired and overworked,

trying to prove my worth,

and requested change becomes

an added task to my already

mountainous pile.

I am not coping.

When I understand these reasons,

I can move forward.

I am safe.

Criticisms now are constructive

and focus on growth.

I have the ability to handle these changes.

I am worthy,

regardless of my workload.

I do not need to say yes

if it is a task that cannot be done

within my timeframe.

I will note this,

and be intentional

with how to schedule my time.

I am moving forward

with my fear

of criticism

and that is my biggest

progress of the year.

This piece was first published here.


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Lucy Dan (she/her/她)

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