Creative Juices

A short poem I wrote on my lunch break - originally posted on Medium:

Creative Juices
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The creative juices

Oh how they flow

Breaking grounds in the sunrise

With a reviving glow

But sadly these forces

Are bound for places

Not always creative

But mainstream workspaces

You set up to grind

The familiar stone

Your juices leaking and splashing

Against blood and bone

Finally coming home

With ideas embed

However you’re left with

A mind filled with dread

The video streams calling

The food pains alarming

Yet you yearn for more juice

While in a downtime noose

Some nights aren’t so bad

Juice flow does increase

But most nights you wish

Corporate time was your lease

If only your days

Could be more about juice

Spilled over your passion

Not soaked into your noose

The day will come

Work for your need

Creative rivers will run

When your time is freed

James Crawford
James Crawford
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