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Creating Illusions


By Katherine MyrestadPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Creating Illusions
Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

First, we believe we are going to live forever and that we are invincible. Then we act as if it is true. Then, we treat the world according to this false principle of phony magnanimity. And then, when the time has come, we realize how wrong we were, how little we lived, how much we hurt, how briefly we flew. As a reminder of that unique, decisive moment, you are welcome to read my poem called Illusion.


We think we’re gods but we’re so liable,

In the face of tomorrow’s fatalism.

The rise of the world is a fall into the abyss,

We think we’re gods but we’re vulnerable.

More penury, anger, war, and pride,

Hollowed by the ego gone wild.

In the face of tomorrow’s heavy ride,

We think we are gods but we are liable.

Money is the master undeniable,

Vain vanities wear a hideous heart,

Love became a humiliating fad,

We think we’re gods but we’re vulnerable

In the tomorrow's darkest night

Too much whining about what we are not

Looking back ignoring the past without

Hearing our ancestor’s lessons being shout

We think we´re gods but we are liable

When we step into the fighting rings

The rush, the shallowness, envy, and greed

In the race to possess expensive things

Disguising ourselves, running utterable

From our soul, our love, our life strings

We think we´re gods but we are vulnerable

Making too much noise in the quiet night

Where the stars hold the secrets of life

Yet too few are willing to seek and find

We think we´re gods but we are liable

In the face of the future of humankind.

By NEOM on Unsplash

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