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by Josey Pickering 2 months ago in performance poetry
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a witchy poem

Photo by Sierra Koder on Unsplash

Together we chant our sacred spells

and further strengthen our ancient bonds.

Our power grows like a mighty tree

alongside our enduring faith in one another.

Under the glowing moon’s rays,

We call upon our ancestors,

The ones lost to fire & brimstone.

The woods whisper our secrets

and we shout them up at the stars.

The flora & fauna surround us

in a harmony that’s existed

since the dawn of time.

Our magic bathes us in our past, present & future at once,

a crystal ball of existence.

A coven woven together,

from the bloodlines ashed by ignorance,

Reborn in siblinghood.

performance poetry

About the author

Josey Pickering

Autistic, non-binary, queer horror nerd with a lot to say.

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