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Counting Stars

by Colton Babladelis 2 months ago in love poems
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A wedding poem

A clear evening

In late November

He looks upwards, and counts the stars

They are vast

And they are brilliant

And they sing

A song he can’t yet understand

The nightingale cries out

Dreams of the future

Dance along its hopeful tune

One by one

The stars wave goodbye

As the sun breaks the horizon

Somewhere to the east

Its light gives him hope

That he may one day

Sing with the stars

Flowers come to life

The resurrection of the day

Sweet smelling harbingers of love

The flowers call

And he picks a bouquet

Of roses and buttercups

And for a short time

He sees them as stars

Fallen to the earth

God given gifts of love

The sea is endless

And yet it loves the shore

And it graces it with salty kisses

Somewhere along the shore

Waves crash in beating rhythm

And she looks down, and counts grains of sand

They are minuscule

And they are precious

And they gently sing

A song she can’t yet understand

Clouds pass overhead

Silent travelers that ceaselessly smile

At the world below, filled with love

The sun dances at noon

Something of a heavenly waltz

With the smiling clouds

As the wind plays the violin

On the strings of her heart

And she dances in time

Lovely, and radiant as the sunset

Evening falls soft as a butterfly’s wing

A ribbon that circles the earth

And grains of sand shine like stars

They meet in autumn

Hearts leaping in synchrony

Her, feet full of sand

Tiny gemstones reflecting her hope

Him, a handful of flowers

Something beautiful to grasp for a moment

Flowers and sand, and stars high above

The night sky is infinite

They spend their days counting stars

Each one a piece of their love

As they lay in the grass

They sing a song

Of earth and sea and sky

Something of flowers and waves and clouds

They sing to the stars

A song of love

That only they and the heavens can understand

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About the author

Colton Babladelis

I'm a nature lover that tries to capture the beauty and darkness of life in my poetry. I'm also a sci-fi and fiction fanatic and am branching my own writing out into short stories. Help me be a full time writer & farmer by supporting me!

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