Control Her

by Ecarg Nosive 7 months ago in love poems

Is it game over?

Control Her

She didn’t need attention she needed something more

She needed the way he used to adore her

He’ll say it’s okay but she’s at the border

Is his love enough? Or should she prioritize hers?

They’ve been a rut more times than she can count and every single time he promises to make his way out and at first things change without a doubt but they never stay the same and she wants to know how

He plays video games from night to daylight hours

She’s going insane, alone, she feels a coward

Try’s to talk to him about it but he listens when he needs the power

Uses it to get her back just to retract

She’s lost courage

If she loses him she loses all she has

Their relationship needs to refurbish but even if it does will it last?

Will he stay? Or is this what he does when he wants to throw it all away?

Scared she’ll lose her life with him

She forgets her feelings and thinks about his

“Oh maybe i’m too over bearing, maybe I’m over sharing, maybe I’m the problem and I shouldn’t even be caring”

Manipulation settles in, whether or not he knows it

She’s a mess, can’t control it

Is he even upset over it?

The thoughts in her head begin to digress

She has so much worth but he doesn’t seem to notice it so she starts to believe in it

Puts love over all his shit

Because once it’s over she’ll be a wreck

Is she obsessed?

Is he already gone?

She lies in bed waiting for him for too long

Will it be recognition or closure?

Is it already over?

If he really knows her

He’ll realize the torture he’s putting her through

Feeling alone with someone is something no one should ever feel

What is forthcoming may not be what she wants to hear

But sometimes you have to love yourself more

Adore yourself, you’re not a bore

You’re not what his distance stands for

You deserve persistence and effort

Sometimes never is never

Accept it, address it, if he doesn’t progress then he’s already left and you need to move on

Stay strong

You are not what’s wrong

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Ecarg Nosive
Ecarg Nosive
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