Yes or no. No in-between.


The way we dress doesn't mean yes, and what I mean by that is; yes, our skirt is slightly above finger tip length, no you may not stand close to us.

Yes, our shirts are cropped, you can see our belly buttons, indeed. No you may not put your hands on us.

Yes our jeans are ripped, its called style, no you may not "finger" our pant holes.

What I mean is, yes our dress comes down into a V in the front but please, do not lose your shit when you see a normally slight amount of cleavage.

And yes our V-cut dress that comes to mid thigh on us is cute, no, that does not mean you can get frisky.

So what I am trying to say is, our clothes are on us and they are comfortable but that is not us asking you to come forth and through. That is us dressing up for ourself. And our man, and if one of us doesn't have a man it still doesn't give you a right to touch.

Our clothing choices do not mean consent no matter what they scream out. If our shorts scream "Look at my ass" do so if you wish, but don't you dare fucking touch.

Clothing choices are not consent.

The way we dress, will never mean yes.

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Kay Williams
Kay Williams
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