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by Jeff Krause about a month ago in sad poetry

While still trying to look forward

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

What am I doing

Do I even know

Are the decisions that I’m making

The right way to go?

I cleaned up

To do things the right way

Living a lot differently now

But is everything “ok”?

The longer I go

With a clearer head

The more I question

Everything that was said

Are these answers real

Or is it all bullshit

The sad thing is

I always have to question it

I truly have no idea

What’s wrong or what’s right

I was comfortable in darkness

Now I’m just scared and confused in the light

The unknown is irritating

Trying to fight the fear

Can’t help but second guess

My former desire to disappear

That thought is haunting

It upsets me to no end

I feel so alone

Even when surrounded by “friends”

Trying to stay optimistic

Hoping that things will change

One thing that’s constant

Nothing ever stays the same

sad poetry
Jeff Krause
Jeff Krause
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Jeff Krause

I’ve been a musician for almost 25 years, that alone could provide story material for days. Life-long depression and drug addiction have had me constantly struggling to survive. But here I am, getting by a day at a time.

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