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by Yolanda Lonie about a year ago in heartbreak
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confused but not dazed

Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

I am confused so badly confused

you reached back out to me

not me to you.

You came back to my life and wanted

our friendship back

I relented and accepted a misunderstanding happened

But now confusion is setting in

Because I let you say what you had to say

I let you express your pain and anger

But when it was time for my turn

I became the villain again.

Like last time I was pushed away when I got to real

with my feeling.

When it became too much to handle it was so easy to press the ignore button

So now here I sit in tears again because again I am confused.

Are you my friend or are you not.

Ask yourself would I do this to you ever and you will have your answer.


About the author

Yolanda Lonie

I have always been a reader and a closet writer. Both have been a passion of mine since I could read even the smallest word.

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