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Confiding in a stranger

by Sypha 3 days ago in sad poetry

Why do I do it?

Why do I do it?

Say I'm sorry, when it's not my fault

They hurt you and you're supposed to be the victim, right?

Instead I'm the prisoner?

Placed in a cell with my love as my warden

That! should never be used against me

I vowed, so I stayed and I dread having to say that

Like words and a ring dictate my loyalty, when they do not

I obey them, but what are they now? Just words on tarnished paper

Just worn, cold metal with exaggerated meaning

The engravings underneath my flesh rubbed to not

I have abused my brain trying to rewrite them as if still true

God knows I want them to be true...

The situation is over

At least for them, but I do not recall a resolution myself

Everything's been said and done, and it all happened so fast

The yelling, the throwing, the blaming, the lies

I tried to be the bigger person

I know I did, RIGHT?!

Minimize the damage for the sake of love

I agree and they are right

I apologize, so that my love might know some peace

I understand a sacrifice for a happy home, but not all of the time, right?

Maybe this is wrong, and maybe I have just nursed something already gone

Neither one of us are yelling anymore, because one of us gave up

Gave in to what the other person wants to hear

The foundation is unstable, but tremors are at ease

While I still feel bloodlust from anger only reprieved

I just think "I'll take the silence over fruitlessly explaining" right?

Why do I do it?

Hold on to a corpse

In a field of meaningless roses with diamonds as pedals

Clinging to materialistic things

Like its the same as a kiss or making love

Like it fills the void of waisted time with this corpse

Undying love that died a long time ago

Somehow a ring trumps reason?

Why do I do it?

I am unhappy! right?

I do not want to lay here, right?

Next to the person who betrayed me like it was normal

Like a shower or drinking a bottle of water

This person, my person...they just wash it away

Then, had the nerve to make me feel like I made them betray me

In no way am I responsible for their actions, right?

They lied, they cheated, they swung, they neglected a partnership

So why do I do it?

Stick around when I am mentally and physically miserable

Where I cry in a place which is supposed to be home, but this place...

This place is simply cobwebs and cracked stone

Shattered glass on top of pictures in old frames

This is a box for my indentured soul

Why do I do it?


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