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by Shahid Ali 7 months ago in love poems / inspirational


Photo by Shalone Cason on Unsplash

It is not a story

Neither a poem

It's about what I feel

And you refuse to accept,

Oh yes! dear, you refused to accept.

I told you .. I told you again and again,

That evening when we last met;

Yes you are right, we didn't talk that day

But dear, I told you and you refused to accept.

Now you may ask when I told you?

Then I will say in the silence,

In that silence when I come close to you

But you ignored me, you ignored my presence.

Oh dear, you refuse to accept.

We talk when you want,

Then I am ignored

I am left wondering

If you just got bored.

You push me away knowing I will reappear

But someday

I won't be here;

You may ask then why am I not there?

You refused to accept me

So I made it clear.

love poemsinspirational

Shahid Ali

a humble poet

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