Conditional Love

A Poem

Conditional Love

I wear my father's wedding ring,

not as a promise to be kept,

nor a reminder of idyllic familial love,

but as all the things I never want to be,

the ultimate reminder of what never lived up to be unconditional love,

shattered hearts and broken expectations,

disregarded promises,

lies that never lost their poisonous sting,

selfishness so complete there as to leave no room to love anyone else,

even a quiet broken daughter.

I wear my father's wedding ring,

a cold discarded circle of gold,

that warms to the heat of my skin,

and reminds me that I live on,

determined to carve myself up and put most to the side

so that there is room for someone else.

sad poetry
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Amanda Frazier

An aspiring author living in Connecticut, she is currently working on her first novel and enjoying as much poetry as she has time for.

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