Complicated Girl

Neglected Pain

Complicated Girl


I'm not your average girl that you're used to everyday

And underneath it all I have a whole lot to say

Call me want me what you want but I know who I am

Underestimate me and I'll play you for your hand

If you play your cards right, I might just stay the night

You're looking so good, I might let you have a bite

But hold that thought baby, you can’t have none of this

You swear you had me cause I can see your mmm

It’s rising like chaos in my life

I know I left you hanging but you’ll be alright

I’m a complicated girl, you just wouldn’t understand

Come at me wrong and I’ll play you like a band

I can do for myself, no I don’t need a man

So don’t you ever think you will get a one night stand

I’m strong, independent and wise beyond my years

I been thought a lot and I’ve cried so many tears

I’ve learn from the past and mistakes I’ve made

I'm focused on myself and this money I’m getting paid

The truth is it's money over you, basically

Even though your main goal was to get me laid

And I know you disappointed but I can’t apologize

But I’m sure through it all we wouldn’t see eye to eye

Im on another level with my pride in disguise


Aren't I beautiful, yes I already know

Not trying to sound conceded but I heard it all before

There’s nothing new to me, because I been through it all

I’ve had my share of pain, people love to see you fall

I rised back to the top and I'm not coming down

They rather take your smile and love to see your frown

I know my worth, my value and I know I’m a queen

Don’t ever think I'm stupid cause you ain’ fooling me

I’ll put you in your place and your pride I’ll erase

Yea I have trust issues cause all I see is snakes

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Silent Writer
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