Come Out

by Sid l.c about a year ago in sad poetry

To play

Come Out

I open my curtains to find a gray painted sky crying on my window

A knock on my door will steal my attention

The depression wants me to come out and play

But first, i don’t feel like playing today

Secondly depression only plays what he wants to play

These games so intriguing i surely will get sucked in

Riddles and rhymes my mind struggles to decode

He runs around making a mess i know he’ll leave for me to clean

He plays these games that trigger my demons

They break down walls and trash my soul

wait, i never said you could open that.


these things shouldn’t be out playing in my brain,

I’m too frustrated to gather them all up and try to calm them down

I don’t know what’s about to happen.

Back towards my opened door i see a beautiful glimmer of light begging for my body to come clean.

Finally i can shut the door

Playtime is over

The damage is done and i swear I’ll come to clean it all up tomorrow.

sad poetry
Sid l.c
Sid l.c
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