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by KK245 11 months ago in inspirational
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Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

I was thinking about the possible ways

Of making the world a more colorful place

Celebrate Holi on an international scale every week?

Conduct outdoor art classes for kids?

Increase the population of butterflies?

Dress up every streetlight as a different flower?

Manufacture vehicles that changed colors at every traffic signal?

Design clothes that changed shades depending on our emotions?

I liked the last thought

Borrowing ideas from the film 'Inside Out',

I imagined a crowded street where the clothes turned emotional chameleons

Yellow for joy, blue for sadness, red for anger

How many faces would adorn a smile even when the shirts turned blue?

How many faces would show calmness even when the saris turned red?

I badly wanted to walk that street

Apart from the colors, for the emotional truth

But I told myself

I would walk that street only if black was assigned for pain

How else would I get to be happily dressed in my favorite color day after day?


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