Cold December Night

A poem about young, unrequited love and a boy who pretended to feel the same way. Instead, he threw away our friendship and ran off with a girl he just met

Cold December Night

(A sappy, sad poem I feel we can all relate

I guard my heart with all my might

As I stare out the car window

this cold December night

The rain comes down as light as my step

I walk to your car with a heavy heart

My burdened mind cannot simply relent

Everything seems to be a blur

as I vaguely think and remember

how those days were

This cold December night

I hold back my tears

To not blind my sight

and silence the words that I hear

Maybe one day I will see

that all of this was meant to be

sad poetry
Kate Locke-Juarez
Kate Locke-Juarez
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Kate Locke-Juarez

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