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Cold But Loving

A Reflective Poem

By IsadorianPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Cold But Loving
Photo by Randy Jacob on Unsplash

I Feel Cold

Frozen, Frigid, Warmth deprived

The Warmth that comes from within

That warms the core inside

That infects the Ember within

That glows the Souls

Of Those I Love

I’m A Mold

Strong, Empty, Incompleted

Dreamy Beauty, knows my Heart

That beautifies the world in me retreated

That embraces the vulnerable that art

That Holds the souls

Of Those I Love

I Am Getting Older

Duller, Graver, Hunching Over

A Hunch that sees Past as The Future

But youthful Energy I Still fight for

And childlike Summers I Still strive for

Getting Bolder for the souls

Of Those I Love

sad poetry

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Isadorian writes both opinion pieces and science fiction stories. If you like his work, please follow on social media.

Twitter: @ChrisIsadorian

Instagram: c_isadorian

Facebook: Chris Isadorian

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