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yearning and appreciation all in one

By Kit OlsenPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

Between silent sips and sloppy slurps

We laugh as we talk and drink

Hot, cold, sweet bitter

I’ve rambled long enough to bore any audience

Yet across from me you sit with an attentive smile

Nodding to show you understand

Even as my words fail me again

In light of your attention

Your eyes sparkle as you laugh

At something meaningless I’ve said

And while it was my intention

I feel the room grow brighter yet again

I show you special things I show to few others

And you take interest in what I have to say

Of wide-eyed daydreams

Of fanciful nothings

Some say that friends should have no debts

But to you, my friend, I owe much more than most

You see, it’s been a long time since I laughed

At least like this

The walls have closed in tighter around me every passing day

And loneliness has become

The most constant of companions

And there are nights I’ve lain awake

And stared at walls and ceilings and floors

Wishing to be anywhere but here

Or nowhere at all

But today we smell of espresso and vanilla and cinnamon

And when you suggest we split a piece

Of something sweet, just a treat, on me

I start to argue but can’t for long

As you’ve already gone up to the counter

And handed your cash to the barista

Who smiles like I do at your presence

And as we indulge, the only thing I see that could be sweeter

Than the cake and strawberries and cream

Is the one across from me with eyes that dance with stories

And lips that laugh with songs

love poems

About the Creator

Kit Olsen

Queer poet, short fiction author, and long-time storyteller of all varieties. Feel free to stick around and see if anything catches your fancy!

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