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by Simone Nehme 13 days ago in love poems
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An ode to your brown eyes

Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash


Coffee is in your eyes

It has seen the bitterness of the world yet still awakes to liven the day

Your eyes are like my coffee

I’m addicted

I could consume you all day - look into your eyes and feel alive

You can keep me awake to the early hours of morning

Heart racing

Pupils dilated

Wondering what tomorrow brings and imagination running wild

... and I’d crave you mere hours later - I can never have enough

Making my heart beat erratically, you are my natural high

Your eyes are like coffee - dark and promising

I can wake up to the world with you and take on anything

Just as I wake up craving coffee I crave waking up to your eyes

I want to watch how the light of the world is captured in your eyes

Becoming golden - a direct reflection of your soul

I will forever crave the coffee that is your eyes, to wake to them, to sleep with them rushing through my bloodstream.

I love your coffee

love poems

About the author

Simone Nehme

I like to dabble in poetry. My writing may come across as deeply disorganised and messy but it is thus a representation of the static in my mind. Stick around if you are willing to decipher the white noise.

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