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Clutching a Dream

by Laura Lann 4 days ago in inspirational · updated 4 days ago
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Clutching a Dream
Photo by Yohann Lc on Unsplash

I reached for it today,

Surrendered to its calling sway,

A dream that glimmered,

Slowly starting to shimmer,

In the setting rays of sun,

It was the only one.

My fingers wrapped around the light,

Embracing it through the lonely night.

I let it dry the water,

From the curses slaughter,

As it calmed each broken cry,

And gave me a reason why.

I clutched it to my chest to grow,

My precious treasure to show,

The world what I had won,

Announce what this brave girl had done.

I released a shaky sigh,

Remembered it was not a lie,

While the demons scourged my heart,

Wickedly picking me apart.

I listened to its song,

Learned to sing along.

With trembling hands held on tight,

Because for it I had to fight,

If to keep it I wanted,

So I held the dream that taunted.

*This is a poem written when I was a child. I do not change or edit poems from my childhood out of respect to the young girl who wrote them. I trust that she knew what she was doing and wanted to say.*


About the author

Laura Lann

I am an author from deep East Texas with a passion for horror and fantasy, often heavily mixed together. In my spare time, when I am not writing, I draw and paint landscape and fantasy pieces. I now reside in Alaska where adventures await.

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