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Clumsy Me

by Genesis Gonzalez about a month ago in love poems


I’m not clumsy, it’s just my hands

My fingers long and crooked

My wrists; they shake, they jerk, they twist

Knicks and scars where rings would be

My hands are just clumsy is all.

They have worked tirelessly through the years,

Typing, Touching

Tapping, Crafting

They have been burned by ovens and kissed by lovers,

I've balled up tight fists to pound and pulverize dough

Clung to a knife carving to reveal the angel inside the meat

Fingers have been slammed in trunks and doors, and rarely are they ever neat

These tinkering tentacles twist and trace the trails of your taut tummy.

They linger, long and limber, lightly over your lower lip for you to lick and lust.

Crafty crawlers creeping closer to your secret corners

Clinging, climbing, clawing at your cool fucking hair

I do love the skill of my hands, though never soft to the touch,

Still tender and calm when resting in yours.

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Genesis Gonzalez
Genesis Gonzalez
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Genesis Gonzalez

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