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Cleansing Rain

Thoughts in the Weather

By F. Anne FischerPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Image by Souvick Ghosh from Pixabay

Rapt in grey thoughts

I fail to observe

Their reflection in the sky

As dark clouds roll in

Slight mist, then a drizzle

My jacket, closed to the damp

Fails to exclude the tendrils

Seeping round my mind

Desperately, I hunt for a shield

A battered old umbrella

Bears the fast, steady drum

My heart beats in rhythm

Faster and faster

The beats blur together

The umbrella grants them passage

I start to run

Crash of lightning, thunder rolls

The wind whips behind me

The umbrella departs

With my mind finally free

I dance in the rain

nature poetry

About the Creator

F. Anne Fischer

F. Anne Fischer is a biochemist by day, and author, poet, and dragon collector at night. She lives in Czechia with her very opinionated cat, Agatha, and visits the local castles as often as possible.

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