Clay Model

March 31st, 2020

Clay Model

Don't assume a thing about me,

I'm not as great people make me out to be,

but I'm also not the riveting rebel I've been accused of being.

I'm not a saint, nor a criminal;

I've helped many,

but I'm pretty sure I've brought my fair amount of them down.

My life is neither black or white,

and you won't get me to side with either argument.

I don't want to be "this" or "that",

don't try to fit me in a single category of society.

I may seem pretty simple, mediocre and average, even.

And I just may be.

But I also know I don't belong in a neat cabinet.

Opinions and ideas change;

people evolve and hopefully, grow.

Just recognize that you weren't meant to, either,

and learn to live.

Grace Guzman
Grace Guzman
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Grace Guzman

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