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City Stars in Their Eyes

by Steffany Ritchie 2 months ago in inspirational · updated 2 months ago
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A walk to remember

Photo by Jesús Mirón García: https://www.pexels.com/photo/timelapse-photography-of-vehicles-on-road-3043592/

We walked along down to the Battery, intent on finding Lady Liberty

A bright, crisp autumn day made us feel light and sure that the world was good

Later we walked up to Chinatown, immersed ourselves cozily in the puzzle-shaped nooks,

awed by such joyous, cacophonously vibrant sights and sounds,

We kept marching into Soho, where we became swaddled, absorbed, and believed

We too could be as chic and full of brio as the elegantly draped in black residents all around -

The roasted nuts that permeated the air smelled of a sweet comfort that they never quite delivered,

But still, we munched and gazed in shops that promised a life of gold

After dark, we strolled the sleepy cobblestoned streets of the West Village

Yellow lights aglow from bookshelf-lined homes gave us a feeling of shared warmth and we remembered we weren’t alone

even though we were country mice in an endlessly vast town,

Something pushed us further into the city’s embrace,

Searching every corner of her ancient, well-trodden lanes

deeper into the inked velvet eve we plunged

As if a part of something bigger

Invisible, yet slowly woven and welcomed into the fold

Of the city that never sleeps, but always reminds us to dream

Long after we've forgotten we were once so bold


About the author

Steffany Ritchie

Hi, I'm Steff, I'm new here but hoping to get the hang of Vocal! I mostly write memoir, essays and pop culture things. I am a long-time American expat in Scotland.

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