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Narrative Poem in Collaboration with Penn Mysteries

Photo by William Rouse on Unsplash

Oh my,

handsome Cinder-Fella!

Your smiles melts my porous heart;

sparkling and fizzy on my tongue

like cold duck...

Your glance stir my moonlight,

Under the vapor of your breathe

I find solace,

Leaving me aweless

You remain a constant

You’re flawless

Lighting up my darkest of nights

Oh how I wish,

you would say you’re mine...

If the shoe fits?

Let me,

get lost in your arms...

Your charms I can't resist

Leaving me bowless

Your words, sore like arrows

unclench my fist

and I am at ease—

His beauty striking to the eyes,

Like glistening of crystals.

My heart leaps!

If the shoe fits?

My mind bounds,

turning all of these frowns around

Born of the soil,

Nurture by nature,

To the world

he’s somebody,

To somebody

He’s world

To me he is the axis,

To my orbit

Leaving me shoeless

Oh my,

handsome Cinder-Fella!

When the world turns into a gord

Everything in discord

Midnight will strike,

and the mice will scurry

But I will be in no hurry,

The path we walk are shards of words

Meant to bleed

My love will keep you on your your toes,

Your love is on my heels

Clank, the single glass slipper

Bring in the new year together!

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Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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Saroyan Coles

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