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Christmas Triptych

Three Christmas poems

By D'Shan BerryPublished about a year ago 1 min read
My Christmas tree with lights


— —

The tree is lit, but unadorned,

Vacancies all around,

Nooks and crannies to be filled

From tip top to the ground.

— —

Branches stretched out — green and yearning

For memories to wear.

It makes me miss you all the more

It's hard not to despair.

— —

— —

— —

Solstice Advent

— —

The longest night nears to a close —

The Son will be here, soon,

To drive the darkness from our hearts.

His love shines like the noon.

— —

The darkness cannot comprehend

The Light in all His glory.

He came; He died; He rose again,

Remains the greatest story.

— —

— —

— —


— —

Bound by a cell of cells, You humbly came;

Your blood pulsed through Your veins like You designed.

Infinity had shrunk to human frame,

The revelation of a love divine.


About the Creator

D'Shan Berry

I love words. I love art. I love Jesus.

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