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by Kiana Fergerstrom 2 years ago in sad poetry
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sometimes we don't choose correctly

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The absence should be overpowering yet I find a sense of delight. You’ve helped form this ‘only average’ human that I call myself and I should be thankful. I am thankful. Theres nothing more for me with you, and although we may find that uneasy, it will soon feel angelic. I am ready for the many temporary people, such as yourself, to come in spirals throughout my life. I may never find someone as significant as you but the saying goes; “if you know you know” and I didn’t know. I don’t know* you may have been very bad for me but I may never admit that. Id like to believe that nothing you did made me feel nothing for you anymore but you are the reason I became nothing. I may have become more a mess during than I was before and thats unsettling. I was unaware of how low I could fall because I thought I was already there. We were capable of setting the world ablaze but I wasn’t okay with doing it with you. You were my everything and now you are nothing; it can happen quick, but this was a process. It began slow but as many will learn, time never falls short of first. I don’t blame you for my mistakes, I blame myself for letting you be one.

sad poetry

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Kiana Fergerstrom

College student in Hawaiʻi

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