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Children ask bleak questions

by Arsh K.S 5 months ago in social commentary

a poem on childhood

Children ask bleak questions.

‘What is worse than death?”

Unfreedom perhaps.

But a child knows that rare feeling of being attached to sorrow -

You see, when young their joy and resentment is all mingled up

They both arise from parents

Who constitute a horizon of the world

A world they are still attached to.

And hence their attachment to sorrow

Even if there is some joy there

As they mature this thought evolves

Into a certain philosophic understanding.

“the good with the bad” they say

Even vows bear it,

- “For better or for worse”.

Such solemnity has deep roots

Lest we ever forget it.

social commentary
Arsh K.S
Arsh K.S
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Arsh K.S
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