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Child of Choice

by Jonathan Hinternish 2 months ago in inspirational
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By: Jonathan Hinternish

Child of Choice

By: Jonathan Hinternish

It’s true life begins in the womb.

It’s there after, we first cry.

Who thought that it would be fair to decide if I were one of the lucky ones who would get to one day breathe fresh air?

Who decides if I get to laugh, or to sing?

Or to cry when I feel life’s painful sting?

Who decides my future here?

The ones sitting in black robes, acting as they truly care?

Or is it the one they call The Almighty?

Who really knows?

One thing I know for sure, I’m here by choice, because of choice, because my parents’ had a voice.

My grandmother tried to have me aborted back in 1986, because she didn’t want a Mexican grandbaby.

Isn’t that just sick?

She tried to make my mother get an abortion, and she knew it was wrong!

Because of my mother, I’m here now, a child of choice.

Who now has a child of his own, and a voice.

Yes, abortion is evil.

Yes, abortion is wrong.

But used in the right way, a life, abortion can prolong.

A woman always has a choice!

That is true!

Don’t make her second class!

Don’t make her number two!

Just because you don’t have a vagina, doesn’t mean that you cannot have a soul too!

Your parents’ many years ago made the choice to do the deed.

To make you and plant your seed.

You could have been a baby caused by incest or rape.

It did not matter, she had you anyway!

Now, here you sit, the highest court in the land!

Making decisions and choices, some, you don’t understand!

You do not feel.

You do not care.

Your souls are black, like the robes you all wear.

What good is Justice?

What good are you all?

The ones who tell all women everywhere:

“Hey, Fuck You! We don’t care about your liberties! We don’t care about your rights! Your Second Class Citizens! And we bid you a good night!”.

Signed, The United States Supreme Court.

Things should not be this way.

And let me make this clear.

You have rights just as men do.

You have nothing to fear.

If America is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Let’s all remember.

We are Americans’!

We have rights!

We are all equal!

They took an oath to serve us all.

They stabbed us in the back.

They pinned us all against a wall!

Is that righteous?

Is that Just?

The United States Supreme Court will have to work like hell to earn back our trust!


About the author

Jonathan Hinternish

Hello! My name is Jonathan. I welcome everyone to my page. I'm a people person at heart. And I always welcome making new friends. All comments on my poetry is always welcome as well. Please, come in, make yourselves at home. (hugs) :)

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  • Emily Dickerson2 months ago

    I'm not sure what point you are trying to make - isn't it good that your mother didn't abort you? You wouldn't be here without her. Now, the states have the power to decide how early life should be protected or destroyed. If you are pro-choice/pro-abortion, I disagree with your stance, but I'm glad everyone has a first ammendment right to speak their ideas. You wrote a nice poem, by the way. It was very interesting and thought provoking. You told a great story. :) peace be with you :)

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