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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the realm of cherished memories, I tread,

Where childhood days danced with joy and grace.

Each day a canvas, a tale waiting to be read,

A time when innocence adorned each face.

Oh, those carefree hours we used to embrace,

Like butterflies fluttering on a summer's breeze.

In laughter's embrace, we'd find solace and space,

Each moment a treasure, our hearts at ease.

The sunlit mornings, with dreams running wild,

Our spirits unburdened, hearts pure and free.

Imagination soared, like a curious, joyful child,

Unfolding worlds, where we dared to be.

Beneath the ancient oak, a haven of delight,

We wove fantasies, both bold and grand.

Together we played, from morning until night,

Each moment in childhood, eternally unplanned.

From hide-and-seek in meadows, where secrets reside,

To chasing rainbows, in a sky painted with glee,

Our youthful spirits soared, on an endless joyride,

Each day, like worth, meant to celebrate and see.

In the simplest joys, we discovered our treasures,

A splash in the puddles, a butterfly's delicate flight.

With friends by our side, we defied all life's pressures,

Unfolding the tapestry of innocence, so bright.

And as the years whisked away, like a fleeting song,

Those childhood days remain etched in my heart.

For each moment, though transient, forever belongs,

To a time when celebration was our soul's true art.

So let us reminisce, and embrace that golden age,

When laughter was music, and dreams had no end.

For within the memories of our childhood stage,

We find a refuge, where our spirits forever blend.

Each day was a symphony, waiting to resonate,

With joy as our anthem, love as our guide.

Oh, childhood days, how they continue to captivate,

As cherished memories, in our hearts, reside.


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