A poem about my black cat who helped me be me.


He’s a crazy creature

He don’t mind a little pain

Likes to hang in the sun

Takes no baloney

He hates the phonies

He wonders around

Studying sounds

Never worries

Never screams

Gives me cool dreams

He’s Chepe

The super racing

Crazy feeling

Black as night

Burning dark spirits

Evil chasing

Pooping pouncing

Evil clawing

Dodging bullets

Never saying bye

Never joking

Clinging stinger


He’s Chepe

Always pouncing

Clawing arm

No kidding

Prince of Darkness


Dancing dark


Cop dodging

Black poopie-ass

Dingle berry making

Chepe panqueque

The Cat

performance poetry
Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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