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Chemically imbalanced trance

Getting high to beat the lows

By Kalina BethanyPublished about a year ago ā€¢ 1 min read
Chemically imbalanced trance
Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

Stale marijuana smoke

smears the bedroom walls

of a tennage lost-cause.

Getting high to slow the blow

that our ruminating thoughts throw.

Ignorant to the screams

that our dying souls groan

as we continue down a road

leading anywhere but home.


surely no more will continue past

this lifetime,

it can't last.

As time floats by

through space and our minds

we have yet to let go

of the cannabis chokehold;

Releasing the grasp

of that miracle-producing,

soul-sucking grass.


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Addictions are hard to kick, don't beat yourself up for it!

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  • Antoinette L Brey11 months ago

    Have friends who can't make it through the day without pot, Wondered why, interesting perspective.

  • Moe Radosevichabout a year ago

    This is truth nice writing šŸ˜Š

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