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by Keith Billman 9 months ago in sad poetry · updated 6 months ago
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Went to the mountain,

Hoping I would die.

Leaped over the edge,

Found out I’m a bird.

Went to the river,

Hoping I would drown.

Put my head under,

Found out I’m a fish.

Went to the desert,

Hoping I would starve.

Was there for a month,

Found out I’m a snake.

Went to the jungle,

Hoping to get mauled.

Taunted all I met,

Found out I’m an ape.

Went to the city,

Hoping to get lost.

Wandered with no plan,

Found out I’m a rat.

Went to the church house,

Hoping to find God.

I knelt and I prayed,

Found out He’s not real.

Went to the bathroom,

With a forty-five.

I pulled my trigger,

I’m already dead.

sad poetry

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