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Cellulite is life

by Yona Vaughan 9 months ago in social commentary

From The Depth of Underwear Bottoms

Cellulite is Life 


Is the glass half empty or full if you feel you cannot 

pull off the unrealistic bull advertised as beauty? 


Some feel a duty to bring their bodies up to standards that

require taking sanders to the backs of thighs, to satisfy eyes,

like they are people in a magazine. 


But that scene is not real and made to make people feel

they're wrong if they're strong without abs. Or they look

drab if they're in shape with curves and no desire to be waif. 


Don't equate imperfection as unworthy of selection. Work

on that reflection if you want, but know those ads taunt and

sell a private hell. 


Dwell on keeping your mind right, because cellulite is real

life. And the glass is full, if you're not an ass, then you may

fulfill someone's desires as they admire and drink from

your cup, enjoying the taste.

Excerpt From

The Depth of Underwear Bottoms

by Yona Vaughan

social commentary

Yona Vaughan

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Yona Vaughan
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