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"Celestial Festivity; Joy of Mardi Gras"

"An Alien's First Dance with Earthly Delights"

By Vianney OkaforPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
"Celestial Festivity; Joy of Mardi Gras"
Photo by Leo on Unsplash

In far, off lands from a star

An otherworldly traveler has come far

With shining eyes and a curious dream

To Earth they've journeyed or so it would seem.

On this planet of green and blue vast

many wonders to explore and grasp

But one particular marvel stands grand

To share with this extraterrestrial hand.

In the heart of a citys embrace

Where daylight fades into nights space

With music, laughter and vibrant hues unfurled

Let me tell you the tale of Mardi Gras, my friend!

Beads and masks in a parade they display

In New Orleans memories are made every day.

Floats adorned with feathers and exquisite flair

A spectacle that's beyond compare.

To the melodies of jazz filling the airwaves wide

The dances without any stride.

Spinning and swirling in delight

They immerse themselves in the festivals light.

With beads, around their necks and a joyful grin wide

They blend into the crowd like an ocean tide.

Catching trinkets as keepsakes to hold

Symbols of Earth that will forever be near.As the first light of dawn peeks through the sky filled with stars

The extraterrestrial being says a heartfelt farewell,

Expressing gratitude, for such a spectacle.

They gracefully glide among the stars disappearing into the night.

The spirit of Mardi Gras lingers in their thoughts,

A memory of a benevolent world

A vibrant celebration embracing lifes magnificent stage

In the enchanting heart of New Orleans, where dreams forever flourish.

nature poetryfact or fiction

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