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Catch Me

by Marie Soffy Saint Fort 4 months ago in love poems · updated 4 months ago
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A Love Poem

source: Getty images/Maskot

Catch Me

If you ever see me falling, catch me

grab me by an ear, hold me without fear

I am not scared of being in love

I just do not want to fall in love.


If you realize I am falling, please catch me

do not wait until my pride hits the ground

or my poor scarred heart, become numb

drag me by my feet if I lose my reason.


I cannot witness my heart in million pieces

I do not want regrets to haunt my dream

so as soon you think I am falling, be ready to catch me

even if, at the time, I seem to forget that's what's best for me.


Don't let me fall in love; catch me

you promised me that you would

well, I think I am falling in love with you

Catch me still, even if I know you love me too.

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Marie Soffy Saint Fort

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