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Castles and Wishes

by Amy Christie 13 days ago in inspirational
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Who comes your way

The good, the bad,

and the undreamed.

What if you never stopped

or thought how others would react.


You and your heart come first

and if you never wanted

to take a step, to choose a star.

That keeps hearts going,

souls knowing,

and takes the temper in between.


For when would you come to the point

when you believe that you yourself

and not some other stranger,

loved or barely glimpsed

can stand between you and your heart.

You may not know,

you may not look it,

but hearts know one another

if faces don’t.


And when you spare a minute,

just one second

or a floating thought.

On what the eyes can see

beyond locks, makeup,

or the common clothes.

You tread your path

back to belonging, loving

and believing.


For we are all a pattern,

loving and beloved.

And who could ever dream it

on their own?

It took us all

to get there

and it will take held hands

and magic for a bridge.


To help, to hold,

to just support.

Whoever comes your way

in need of kindness

or a loving look.

That’s how you make it

and believe it.


For you will never live quite like it

unless you share your soul each minute

with who you never ask for praise.

Success, good luck, and fortune

come when you keep

the treasures underneath.


The face, the clothes,

and all the crafted words.

That only keep souls still

a minute.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

Originally published on Medium


About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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