Cassette Tape

by Briana La Trise 6 months ago in art

Music blared out the tape deck

Cassette Tape

Music blared out the tape deck,

sounds of summer.

Sun bright colors flash memories of pure,


Rainbow patterns painted the period of hip youth-filled solstice days.

"Back II Life, back II reality"

of a child growing with changing friends as she changed nest.

Danced to the beat,

to the rhythm of the era

that gave her the exchange of creation and bond.

Connected immature spirits to express their freedom of ignorance.

Hands clap,

Feet stomp;

chanted the songs of our mother's tongue.

Deep colored smoke overwhelmed blue skies.

The charcoal intertwined with a summer breeze and fresh cut grass.

Darken flesh made mouths watered as kin grace the path of satisfaction.

A deep appreciation for the times.

An observer of adulthood,

recording every moment like a favorite song

to be played later.

The tune keeps playing from the tape deck

only pausing the memory.

Briana La Trise
Briana La Trise
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