by Tonia Sky 11 months ago in sad poetry

Do you even feel bad?


You prowl like a tiger

Waiting for your prey

Every girl you’ve ever loved

I liked too

Sweet girls

Like me

We’re nice

We’re sweet

You say you’re looking for a good girl

But you don’t want to be a good boy

I see you move on quickly

From girl to girl

Rushing through our lives like a heavy storm

And never staying to repair what’s worn

Then you’re on the move again

Onto the next one

You make women fall in love

Telling them all of the same things you told me

Do I warn them?

I was warned too

Wish I would have listened

You awaken the love of women

Knock down their walls so heavily protecting them

From men just like you

Then once their defenses are down

It’s over

They should have know that right?

You never said you were together

Leaving her feeling foolish

I see you

I see you so desperate to be loved

I told you once

"If I wasn’t here I know someone else would be"

As I laid in your arms

You appear so strong

So confident

But you’re insecurities are far more

Than any of ours

Do you even feel bad?

Do you give it a second thought ?

Fucking with feelings is a dangerous game to play

Do you have any feelings for any of them?

I see how you do it

So cold and so mean

Do you have a script?

If we are all in the same room

Could we recite

The words you said to all of us late at night

So beautiful so clean

All of the right things

You want a good girl

But want to give no love in return

Loyalty without commitment

I hope you learn to love yourself

I hope you learn to heal

I hope one day you can actually fall in love

And not be lying to her

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Tonia Sky

“Vulnerability is terrifying. The courage it takes to reveal your heart is one of the most daunting... and yet rewarding experiences in life. It will set you free.” - The Better Man Project

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